We are aware that certain couples want help with every detail involved in planning their destination wedding in Croatia, while others only need help with selected activities on the day. We are always happy to adjust our wedding services to your needs, desires and also your budget.


Our professional photographer will make sure that your special moments are captured for a lifetime. We offer different types of Korcula wedding packages that suit your style and personality. Create unforgettable wedding photo memories of your special day in the most beautiful Korčula island!

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Wedding day Video

One of the meanings of the name Amarie is a miracle. That is why it was chosen for a special girl, but also a team of young people who are driven by imagination and beauty of life. A miracle of love. Years of experience in filming did not diminish our creativity and zeal as we recorded your most important moments.

Maybe you’ll watch the footage from your wedding only once, and maybe the tape will already be worn out from the sheer rewind. But we are sure that you will be glad that you trusted us to stand behind the cameras and be there for you and with you. Especially when you already get a gray one and when it won’t be so easy for you to remember every detail from your wedding ceremony.

But Amarie doesn’t just film the wedding team. Other family gatherings and celebrations are no less important. And in addition to experienced cameramen, there is a constant collaboration with equally quality photographers. If you do not believe the written word, give the opportunity to videographers from our website or simply contact us for more information.

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Beauty services

Hair and makeup bookings for the day that will make you feel and look your best on the big day. Looking for the best bridal beauty treatments to book before your wedding day? From hair treatments, eyelash extensions and teeth whitening to gel manicures and blowdries, we put the best bridal beauty treatments to the test.

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Floral decorations

Details count! Our professional team provides exclusive support in choosing the right flower arrangements, bridal bouquets and location decorations based on your dream wedding ideas and budget.



Music often represents your style and passion, and it is always a soul of every good party. You can choose from a great selection of artists.. For the evening entertainment, to have the party going, choose from a DJ to live rock, jazz, and pop bands. Our couples often like to include some Croatian elements to the day, and is there a better way to express the local culture and emotions than through famous Dalmatian Vocal singers called Klapa (a capella or with mandolins).



A wide variety of transportation can be arranged to meet your needs. Busses, luxury cars, limousines, old timer cabriolets, boats, speedboats, historical galleons and more are at your disposal.

Other services

  • Excursion planning and guidance
  • Accommodation assistance
  • Catering services
  • Babysitting

Even if you haven’t tied the knot on Korčula, you can still enjoy your first days of bliss guided by our knowledge and insights on most romantic sights, boutique hotels, and restaurants that will make your honeymoon an unforgettable, charming and loving experience.